• Simply the best for the best!

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Simply the best for the best!

Simply the best for the best!

Simply the best for the best!

"I love this safety belt. It's durable and super easy to use since it clips right into any existing seat belt buckle in your car! It's also adjustable, so you can decide how much slack your dog gets. But the best thing about this dog safety belt is that it helps the driver better concentrate on driving."

-Nancy Anders

"Works great! We have a 73 lb pittie and she was always getting tangled up on her other seatbelts. This one works great since the clip can turn all the way around. Works great in my SUV and the front seat of my husband car. Great customer service as well. Very prompt."

-Lydia Miller

"Works great! It's adjustable length and I'm glad it hasn't stretched. Have used already and so happy with it. I used to have to keep my dog from jumping out before reattaching her leash, now I don't have to worry about that. Also, if we stop fast, she is safe."

-Sean Thomas

"Love these seatbelts, they keep our huskies contained on the back seat but still allow them to sit up and look out of the window. Feel much better knowing they won't get thrown around should we be involved in an accident."

-Allen Torres

Built for safety, comfort, convenience, and durability.

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Buckles Securely and travel with ease

Our dogs LOVE riding in the car! A roaming dog can cause distractions and unsafe driving conditions that could compromise you and your pupā€™s safety. Our dog seat belt keeps you and your dog safe while driving and easily buckles into any seat belt outlet in the car.Ā Simply click-and-go with this easy-to-use dog seatbelt tether. It attaches to a dog harness and then clicks directly into your car's seatbelt attachment. There is no need to undo the dog seatbelt every time your dog gets in or out. Now you can have the peace of mind that you and your pup are traveling safe with added convenience for you. Universal fit for most vehicles. Quickly clicks directly into the female seatbelt slot.

Say goodbye to your worries.Ā 

PupSafeVilleĀ® True Touch


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