We are a small family owned business based in sunny L.A. and like you, we love pets. That's why we created the PupSafeVille® Pet Safety Belt to keep them safe while traveling! 
If you regularly travel with your four-legged companion, you likely need to guard them as much as possible in your vehicle. Your toddlers are always secured and have a safety belt, you need to ensure that your canine is safe, too, while you’re driving. This prevents them from jumping out the window, protects them from sudden jerks during braking, and above all, in case of a car accident, it protects them from getting hurt. Our dog seat belt keeps you and your dog safe while driving and easily buckles into any seat belt outlet in the car. Simply click-and-go with this easy-to-use dog seatbelt tether. It attaches to a dog harness and then clicks directly into your car's seatbelt attachment. There is no need to undo the dog seatbelt every time your dog gets in or out. Now you can have the peace of mind that you and your pup are traveling safe with added convenience for you. Universal fit for most vehicles. Quickly clicks directly into the female seatbelt slot.

The PupSafeVille® Pet Safety Belt, crash-tested and well-reviewed by purchasers, is a seat belt that could protect both of you and make the travel experience fun! Say goodbye to your worries.