PupSafeVille® Dog Tooth-Brush (FDA Approved)

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Let your dogs brush their own teeth & freshen their own breath! 

80% of dogs face oral health issues by the age of 3, Long-lasting and designed for small and big powerful chewers, this Dog Toothbrush is the only 2-in-1 dog dental chew toy that lets dogs take control of their own dental health every day. Comes in two versions, 1) Blue Classic chew and 2) Green extreme chew

Note: The EXTREME CHEW version is available when you click on the Color/type drop-down box. For puppies, cats, and tiny dogs the classic small is recommended. 


    • Made from Safe, Durable & Non-Toxic Natural Rubber
    • Toothpaste reservoir to store toothpaste
    • Bristle-lined grooves that brush pet’s teeth down to the gum line
    • Easy to hold paw pads
    • Side nudges for extra brushing surfaces

*For maximum benefits, use all our products as part of your dog’s daily routine for about 10 minutes a day of chew-time. If your dog is a heavy chewer we recommend the EXTREME CHEW version of our toothbrush designed to withstand a powerful jaw.





40-190+lbs  (18-90KG+)

LARGE or LARGE EXTREME (For Heavy Chewers)


20-40lbs (9-18KG)


0-20 lbs (9KG)

SMALL or SMALL EXTREME (Teacup dogs, Chihuahuas, and Cats)